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In-Person Workshop

This is a 3 hour beginning photography workshop for moms just learning their DSLR cameras.


do any of these statements apply to you?

You have a DSLR beginning camera, but it's stuck on auto-mode and you'd love to learn how to control it a little more.

You know the basics of camera manipulation, but your photos still look like snap shots and less like the professional images that you know your camera is capable of.

You'd love to up your photography game so that the photos of your kids and family are print and wall worthy.

This workshop will be EXACTLY what you need to better yourself as a photographer so those pictures you take of your kids every day will be top notch.

I will be teaching you how to shoot in manual mode. I will explain shutter, aperture priority as well and when to use each of those modes. And will definitely answer questions during the Q&A portion and throughout the workshop.

You will walk away with TOOLS and increased knowledge of the equipment you currently use.

You will be confident in how you see UNIQUE LIGHT and unique angles.

You will have new ideas of photos you want to capture and how to capture them to PRESERVE your family memories for your kids and grand kids.

*1:1 mentoring is available to push yourself. We will cover advanced lighting and composition techniques. Then we'll shoot shoulder to shoulder and come back to discuss the photos. Need to focus more on editing? Done. Want to test out a new lens before buying? Deal. Need to practice photographing little kids at play? You got it. This will be tailored to your needs. Contact me below to start your mentoring.

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does this sound like something that could help you or a loved one?

share and take the class together and each save $10!

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WORKSHOP DATES (held in Richardson, TX):

IN-PERSON: Sept 2, 2017_8 seats open                   $65-75

Payment will need to be sent before your seat is reserved for the class.

If you are interested but current dates don't work for you, please contact me and I will put you on the list to be notified about future workshops or ask me about hosting your own workshop with your friends and get a free seat and possibly a free photo session with me!



"When my husband told me about the Trigger Happy Momma Workshop, I knew I needed to attend. I had never received any formal training in photography, and my resulting photos showed it. After attending the class, I came away with a working foundation in photography that has already changed my 'Trigger Happy' moments. I see lighting and angles and opportunities to capture more meaningful photos. In a matter of hours I left behind 'everyone look at me' to capturing real life, real moments of the people I love. Attending the workshop has changed my entire photography perspective. I want to document moments, conversations, expressions, nap time, play time in a way that brings so much more life to those family photo albums of my growing up years. Thank you to Jolyn Laney for helping me discover my inner passion for documentary photography." -- Kristina Walkup

"I highly recommend the Trigger Happy Mama Workshop! I loved that the focus was in how to best capture the moments with any camera you have on hand.  There was also helpful information on camera settings, but nothing that overwhelmed me. I look forward to taking further classes from Jolyn in the future!" --Allison Sangenito

"The Trigger Happy Momma workshop changes your perspective on photographing your family. It helps you discover what you truly want to capture and how to actually do it! I have a new perspective on what I want to photograph: ordinary moments, personalities, and relationships. Jolyn Laney provided thorough material and her examples really helped show what she was teaching. My favorite part was when we got to shoot alongside her. We got to see her in action and how she put each element together to make a picture. I'm now more aware of different angles and how lighting plays a huge role. I am also taking better pics on my phone! I'm so glad I took the workshop and want my friends and fellow mommies to too. I'm so excited to continue to learn and progress." --Katie Allphin


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