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hi, i'm jolyn laney,

photographer here at Laney Photography.

I'm here to give you a professional photography experience like none other that actually captures your family as it is right now by relaxing and playing as you normally do.

you be you. i'll do the rest.

A little about me, I crave change constantly, hate laundry, and love surprises.

Want to know more?

The documentary Style

You may be intrigued with this "documentary thing" but unsure if it would be the right fit for your family. The unknown can be scary. Many people haven't experienced this freeing way to photograph your family. So if you'd like to understand what to expect with this type of photo session, click the button below.


the blog

Where I put all my ideas, share photo stories, and provide useful tips and tricks to photograph your own family.

I offer 4 different types of sessions

To find the detailed session information such as the length and what's included


Kristina Walkup said:

"Jolyn captures the very life, the heartbeat of your family's daily rhythm and routine. These are the moments we will truly remember - the embrace, the kiss, the trip to the store, nap time, dinner time, sibling tears, and sibling laughter."