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15+ things to photograph from now until New Years

When there's lists on a blog, I never read the paragraphs before it. I just scroll until I see the number one, so why should I spend time and energy making a compelling first paragraph...haha Like, why do blog posts that give a recipe make you read the backstory and see all the prep photos with a paragraph for each one before you can see the recipe and the step-by-step directions. I don't have time to scroll, the kids are starving and I need to know if I have the ingredients and energy to make this recipe before I result to cereal for dinner Scroll........scroll........scroll.........SCREENSHOT! So I don't have to scroll........scroll........scroll again.


Let's just get to it!

(And then if you want you can read the stuff after the list and see photo examples and such.)

  1. Visiting grandparents and extended families
  2. Sports practices and games
  3. A family walk or bike ride on a Sunday evening
  4. A snuggle sesh as a family on the master bed in the early morning
  5. Making s'mores around a fire
  6. Raking leaves and jumping in the piles (parents, you too)
  7. A special tradition you do as a family for one of the upcoming holidays
  8. Pumpkin picking (if you are in DFW, make sure you check out the Flower Mound patch)
  9. Trick or treating
  10. Shopping and prep for Thanksgiving dinner
  11. Christmas tree picking
  12. Christmas tree decorating
  13. Making goodies for the neighbors or stuffing Christmas cards
  14. Visiting Santa at the mall
  15. Going to see Christmas lights or a tree lighting
  16. Playing in the snow (if that's something you get)
  17. Your New Years celebration and resolutions

This time of year is full of little moments, traditions, and activities that fit perfectly into my Slice of Life package. The package is a 30 minute quick mini session where I tag along with your family while you make memories. I'm just there to watch and preserve them. This time of year is perfect for these little sessions. You don't need a full 4 hours with me, just a bit to capture this particular slice of your family's life, especially around the holidays. 

Ask your children to help you make a personalized list for your family. Ask them what their favorite traditions are and their holiday season bucket list. It may surprise you what they think of.

I only have a few more spaces open for full family sessions in 2017, but always make time for Slice of Life sessions.


Planning on taking most of these photos yourself? Check out my super helpful blog post to help you see the Christmas season photos in a whole new light.