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Couret Family | Dallas Family Photographer

Guys, this family...I'll do my best to describe their laid back, yet engaged parenting style, the fierce love they have for their two children, and their twitterpated love for each other as a couple.

This is a family that you instantly fall in love with and they instantly invite you into that love. 

This was a Glimpse package which was 2 hours of unposed family fun! The first hour was very Christmas themed in their adorable PJ's and festive holiday decor. Then they got dressed and started on the rest of their typical Saturday shenanigans and hopefully you can see how much fun this family has just being together.

 sometimes the awesome Christmas pancake molds just don't work out

sometimes the awesome Christmas pancake molds just don't work out

This kid was the biggest chocoholic with the biggest personality!


Ready for the most super fun parent grid of all time? Click on the images to enlarge.

I think this image below summaries so well how these parents parent. I hope their little boy looks at this photo often to know how much his parents adore him, love him, are fully invested in his ideas, personality and growth. They were always ready to get up and play and hung on every word. It was #parentinggoals to the max.


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