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A family of 3 a little while longer | Dallas Texas Maternity Photographer

The Bramhalls are expecting boy number two, but wanted to document what their life looked like before they became a family of four. 

I'll use their own words to supplement the beautiful photos.

"We found out we were pregnant and it was quite the surprise. I always wanted my first two close, so at least this way I didn't have to convince Ryan! I wasn't quite ready to have them THIS close, but we were really happy to find out I was expecting."

"I'm always shocked when I see my belly. It's huge! It is so strange to see my body change so intensely. Lots of pregnancy symptoms are really uncomfortable miserable things. But all of it is worth it when I feel this little guy inside of me. I really LOVE feeling him moving inside of me all day. There is just something so sweet and sacred about feeling this little spirit inside of me all the time. I'm never alone and I feel his little pokes and kicks and hiccups all day reminding me that this little boy is here."

"It's HUGE!" - Kelsey

"A is in such a cute stage right now, and I know that with the new baby he is not going to be getting any of the attention he gets now. So soon he won't be the only focus of our lives, so I want to capture this time where A is our baby! I want to capture what our little family feels like right now. And the special feeling of knowing that another little one will be joining us so soon & how we love him so much already!"

Literally, they will do anything for him. It's so cute to see how their world revolves around their little boy.

"A points at my belly and says 'ball.' He definitely has no idea what is coming." 

"A LOVES his dad. He asks for dada all day and he always wants me to lift him up so he can point at all the pictures of him on the wall and say 'dada.'"

Guys, they have the cutest relationship.

"Right now, Ryan and I have a lot of time together. Whenever A is asleep, we have time together. It will be weird to have A asleep and then have another baby to take care of. There will be so much less time spent with just the two of us."

"I want to know what color eyes he has. I can't imagine any baby different than A so it will be so fun to see another little one who looks different."

"I'm sure when this baby does get here, we just end up being capable of more love for both of them."

Yes you will. It's amazing how your heart grows and fits everyone inside. I can't wait to meet baby number two! And thank you for sharing your blessed life.

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful times in a woman's life. If you liked the way this session told their story, consider telling your pregnant friends and family about this type of maternity session. It's classic, timeless and will become heirloom photos telling the family history.