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Welcome new baby | Dallas Texas Newborn Photographer

I've been wanting to blog some of my favorite family sessions now that I've got my blog up and running. I had put my favorites in a Facebook album before now, but the blog format just makes the most sense to me.

What better way to start retroactively posting about these families than by a beautiful newborn session, now that the baby is ONE YEAR OLD! Happy birthday baby P! You are and have always been adorable!

Having big sisters, this boy instantly had three moms. The girls were obsessed with him and had been practicing with their dolls for 9 months! 

I schedule newborn sessions within the first month of life. Portrait newborn photographers need the babies 4-10 days old so they are extra sleepy so they can get them in the right poses. With documentary newborn photography, you can have the flexibility you need. Maybe you had an unplanned c-section and want more time to heal before a photo shoot. Maybe you've got lots of family in town and want to wait for them to leave before you schedule a session. Maybe you want me to capture you leaving the hospital or birthing center and focus on your first day at home with baby and all that entails. Maybe your baby spent time in the NICU and is older than the 10 day window.

Every circumstance is different and documenting your new routines with your new addition will be precious whenever it's best for you and your family.

With documentary newborn photography, moms are a little worried about not getting pictures with the whole family or just the baby. Don't worry. I find these moments to get everyone in the frame and also get photos with just baby that are definitely wall worthy.

While I'm in your home, I'm always shooting. I get to see so much family fun and sometimes the in between moments are my favorite. Look at those natural smiles!


Thank you to the Christensen family for your openness and in keeping it real!

Newborn babies bring so much love into a family and also turn your whole life upside down. Documentary photography has the power to produce images that show the roller coaster of stress, worry and fatigue, and overwhelming joy, happiness and love. 

Share this post with a pregnant friend so we can work together to tell one of baby's first stories!