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Yes, But...Series: We are too boring

I actually got this excuse this past week. I told a friend how much I'd love to photograph their life and she quickly said,

"Oh, no you don't. We are way too boring." 

WHAT?! Everything I know about her life intrigues me because it's new and different from mine. And every time I talk to her, image ideas come into my mind! 

Don't worry about getting the non-boring shots. That's my job when I'm with you. I use a combination of my camera, the light, composition and storytelling to make my images.

Your job is to just be unapologetically YOU.

What if I asked you now about your childhood? Would you say it was boring and nothing worth remembering?! NO! 

To help illustrate this point (and the best way I know how to do this is through photos), I photographed my day yesterday and did one photo every hour. Just set a timer and took a picture of what we were doing. It was a typical weekday. We had time at home, school and work, a doctor's appointment, an errand, dinner and bed. Nothing too special. But when you start to notice the little things and the little blessings and put on your rose colored glasses, you can see all the precious times throughout your day.

Click through the photos and then contact me if you're ready to see how UNboring your family and daily life is.

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