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Summer Session Sparks - what to capture this summer


I've decided to do a 5 part blog series all about session sparks. These are fun events, activities, and traditions that will hopefully spark ideas in you about what you'd really like documented and photographed for your family.

I hear moms, like you, say things like, "But we are so boring. I don't know what you'd get from us. I can't think of anything for you to shoot." 

Here I come running to you with this session spark blog post, waving it high in the air!

Disclaimer: I don't believe at ALL that you must plan something for a shoot. I know that every hour I spend with your family I will get tons of usable, cherishable wall worthy, family album worthy photos even when not one minute of that was planned. Life isn't planned and I photograph life. (cherishable is a word, right?!)

Use this list to get in the mindset of how everyday life can be a beautiful thing.

Think about the little moments that happen naturally when your family is engaged in an activity. There are smiles, laughs, messes, tears, wonder and excitement. All of that can be frozen and bottled up for you to enjoy over and over again.

Family bike ride

At the lake

State Fair

Camping weekends


Food truck feasts

Ice cream trips

Pool side play

Backyard BBQ with friends and family

Sprinklers and slip 'n slide

Farmer's market

Fourth of July traditions

Drive-in movie

Washing the car

Zoo or museum adventures

Summer sports games

Garden harvest

Outdoor concert sitting on a blanket

Just think if you had a series of images from your childhood of these moments in of you interacting with your mom, dad, siblings, pets, friends, etc. How cherished would those be to you? You can give that gift to your children, today! You can invite me over to get these photos for you. It will be the best investment for your family.

Get in touch and share what sparked in you for a session with me!