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The Piedras at the Park | An afternoon at Owyhee Park in Boise with Laney Photography


When Kristen reached out to me, she got it. She was looking for authentic and real family photography. She wanted to save what their family was really like right now with their two young children. She didn't want the stiff poses and just wanted to play together as a family. 

Her husband Alex, had been away from the family for two weeks so to keep with reality, we started at the Boise airport picking him up after his trip.


In this stage in their life, their little two-year-old boy is super into playing at the park and working on his athletic skills so it was the perfect place to show off his little personality and just let the family do their normal.

My process is to really watch, observe and let the family play.

I interact, chat and hang out with them like I'm just the great aunt who came along for the outing, but we really just have a good time together and get great images out of it.

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