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Choose your newborn photography with Jolyn Laney if....


1. You want pictures how you will remember your babe.

Personally, I don’t think newborn babies just happen into the “froggy pose” on a normal day to day basis. Newborn babies get milk comas. They yawn and stretch. They eat and sleep. You lay them down on your grandmother’s quilt and put them in their bassinet. Those little items around that accompany your newborn memories will mean the world to you to have in the photographs.


2. You believe your baby to be perfect.

Perfect even with baby acne? Perfect even with a conehead? Perfect even with a little jaundice? What about flaky newborn skin? Or little purple toes? What about that big scratch on his face from those sharp fingers he can’t control? I don’t edit my newborn skin to magazine perfection. It’s perfect the moment I click the shutter.


3. You want the whole picture of the whole family.

Babies get passed around, from sibling to sibling, and parent to grandparent. When I photograph babies, I include the whole family, whoever is there when I am. Because this baby, when he or she is grown will want to see what the family looked like when they entered it. They will want to see their young mother. They will want to see how close in age their older siblings are to them. I do get detail shots and photos of just baby on their own, but the story is a loving, family story.


4. You don’t want to stress about anything extra those first weeks.

Guess what? I offer newborn photography up to a month after birth. I don’t give you a small window of 4-10 days to get out of the hospital and be ready for a photo session. Maybe baby had some time in the NICU. Maybe you’re recovery is going slower than you planned or you have doctor’s appointments and no time for naps. I’ll come when you’re ready.

I photograph what that particular day looked like for you. Maybe your mom is still in town helping you with your big kiddos. Great! Maybe you’ve got laundry coming out your ears and no energy to do the dishes. Perfect! That’s what most of our newborn stories look like anyway. I make clutter look good (see this blog post).


5. You’re craving the ability to freeze time and put your day into a time capsule.

Within a few months, your life will look drastically different. And so will your baby. We only get a few shots at this “bringing a child into this world” thing and as soon as you wake up from your newborn fog, they are toddlers never to have those precious, iconic newborn features. Let me be the magician and freeze time for you. Let me put these images into an album for you to travel back to that time. Let me into your home, or hospital room to tell your story as it is right now.


If you identify with any of these five points, contact me! We are the perfect match.

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