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You're just not my client - Why documentary photography isn't for everyone

I'm asked what kind of photography I do almost daily.

One time I was asked this and I explained that I'm a documentary storytelling family photographer in Boise. I go into people's homes and take pictures of their every day life in a beautiful and professional way to capture their daily routines and genuine smiles at home and as a family. 


The person I was talking to stopped and responded, "Who would want that? Pictures of them hanging out at home? And people want to pay for something like that? I just take those with my phone."

I was kind of taken back. Most people respond like, "Oh that's cool. I've never heard of something like that before." And we move onto another topic of conversation.

I had never been confronted with those questions and really started thinking,

"Well, who does want that because of course not everyone does."


Some people just prefer the traditional portrait.

And who am I to try to convince them that they don't want that anymore? To each his own! There are a ton of great reasons to have traditional portraits done by an amazing and talented photographer who can pose and get beautiful smiles in beautiful locations. Those are definitely photos to be proud of and to hang on walls.

I like to show people another option that's out there.

Many don't know about this genre of family photography. I show them and tell them what it is and leave it up to them to decide.

I'm not here to convince. You can't truly convince someone to allow a photographer to come into their home to capture intimate details in an unposed, unscripted way. They have to want that.

I'm okay with people not choosing documentary photography. This is of course my passion and I see the tremendous value here.

But I'm okay to say, "You're just not my client."

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