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E&E - a beautiful love story | Dallas Engagement Photographer

I have known Elaina and Elias for about 5 years now and took some pictures of them in 2014 (pictured above) and they have always been this adorable and infatuated with each other. They dated throughout high school, she waited for him while he went on a church mission for 2 years and are only getting stronger now through marriage. They are two halves to an amazing whole and their hearts long to be together, always. Here is their love through their own words.

"Elias works on a ranch with horses and it is a beautiful place. I am not super country - but he is most comfortable at the ranch. And I love it. It's about 45 minutes from my house in Dallas."

"If I was half the significant other he was I'm sure we would be in an even more amazing place!!"

"I love his gentle way. The way he melts from stern to soft when he looks at me."

"I could go on and on about what she means to me and how amazing she is. But short and simple, she's made me a better man."

"He has the smoothest and softest skin and when he pulls me in it's so comfortable."

"She's adventurous and always up for something new. She's incredibly reassuring and pushed me to become more."

"I know it sounds a little cliche but the most striking attribute of Elaina has always been her smile. She's amazingly photogenic and has to put in little more effort than to flash her pearly whites to make me turn into useless slush."

"She's always been in the dual attitude of seeking to care for me and allowing me to fulfill my roll in caring for her."

"How he listens intently. He has never ever given me any inclination or even hinted at the fact that I wasn't good enough. He loves me just how I am today - angry, happy, sad. Doesn't matter."

"Hard working. Loving. Sweet. Dorky. And he is mine. I wouldn't be me without him."

Congrats you two on your eternal marriage. I can't wait to see how your love grows.