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a laney morning | Dallas Texas Family Photographer

i was challenged to document a morning in our family. everybody's mornings look so different. some include morning coffee or tea as they snuggle with their babies in the warm light on the couch, but not ours. i'm excited to share ours which changed dramatically when our oldest started kindergarten. "we have to be out of the house at WHAT TIME?"

almost every morning between 2 and 4 a.m., my husband or i wake up to check our son's blood sugar levels with a finger poke. he has type one diabetes and needs constant supervision of his blood sugar. diabetes doesn't sleep and neither do we. this is when our mornings start and has become a normal part of our nights.

these little fingers. they have permanent holes in them already. we've been poking them for 5.5 years now and will continue until there is a cure.

everyone else's mornings usually start with an alarm on our phones or the alarm of the baby yelling, "mama....dada..." and then he excitedly gets to wake up big brother with a little too much love for that early in the morning.

time to turn on the lights and head downstairs.

we've heard from many people how surprised they are that we have a full breakfast almost every morning. it's a family affair with pancakes, waffles, eggs, toast, sausage, fruit, etc. both of us grew up with moms who cooked breakfast for the family so we love it and that's what we do.

the baby is usually the hungriest and wants his food fastest...

big brother always helps set the table...

and the feast begins!

big brother gets dressed. he still likes me to pick out his clothes for the day, which i love. he still needs me.

dad makes lunches for the two of them and i sign off on brother's behavior chart from school and repack his backpack. he stays on green everyday.

they get on their jackets and backpacks and load up in the car. daddy takes big brother to school every day and loves the alone time they get as they walk across the park to the school to avoid the congestion.

we wave bye-bye until the boys are out of sight,

and come back in to finish our breakfast together.

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