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An outdoor toddler adventure with the Faught Family | McKinney Family Photographer


Having a family friend with killer land and a beautiful barn is one of the biggest perks I know. Being able to just get out from the subdivision and wander in the "wild" is what my family wishes we could do all the time, especially with our two boys.

And I believe that children's hearts and souls belong outside.

Documentary, storytelling, unposed, candid family sessions don't always have to take place in your home.

Family connections happen wherever you are as long as you're together.


After taking a small family walk and hearing the crunch of the leaves under our shoes, we gathered wood for their s'more fire and had an impromptu leaf fight. Then we were ready for the main event.


Dad quickly got the fire going and the marshmallow roasting began. Their kids are young and close in age and it was hilarious to see them experience this. Their eyes would get really wide when the mallow caught fire and it became a family affair to blow out the flame. They discovered that they enjoyed eating non-roasted/burnt marshmallows more than the warm roasted ones and that they became really sticky. They learned that smoke follows beauty and that it's not fun to get it in your eyes and lungs. 


Dad went to the car and came back with his guitar (HEY that rhymed!). He took requests from the kids which kicked off with "Let it Go." This was a beautiful surprise for me, but totally normal for them. It's part of their family story. Mom joined in and they are both amazing singers. These kids have got good genes.


This was a memorable family outing for me and it's not even my family! That's one thing I love about unposed, relaxed, and meaningful sessions. They just become this time that we are all hanging out together. I become a friend who was invited over or invited along who just so happens to have her camera and wants to take pictures. There's no pressure on the kids to perform, no pressure to inorganically create something that's not fully true to the family.

We laugh, we cry, we giggle and end the evening on such a happy high and want to hang out again.

Are you looking for a different way (maybe even a better way) to get your "updated family photos"? Do this session sound like something that would fit your family's needs? Reach out!