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Healey Family | Dallas TX Family Photographer

Guess what? This family had TWINS! I never knew how much I loved photographing twins until I was doing it.

{If you have friends with twins, send them my way. I'm an expert at capturing the chaos that ensues.}


One of my favorite things to do is quickly get to know the family as I observe and photograph them and find little nuances that tell their story. 

The Healey family is freakin' adorable. All three of their kids have different things that draw me to them. And hilariously enough, they all have awesome nicknames!

Cupcake is a great screamer and a great smiler. She loves attention!

Potato feels things. Strongly. He's a sweet, sensitive and creative boy.

Ms. Lovie Love is the oldest and fits the bill. She is strong, independent and super carefree.

Overall, I loved seeing a glimpse into their typical Saturday morning with their three kiddos.