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A day as brothers | Dallas Texas Family Photographer

sending off my oldest to school was so difficult for me, especially the first week. and especially knowing that this new phase of life wouldn't end until he graduated high school and then we'd start a whole new phase called college. and each phase will involve me less and less as the years go by.

never again would he be my little boy trying to think of games and projects to keep us busy throughout the day. instead he's become the class favorite and teacher's pet and other people are able to enjoy his sweet personality and great ideas. (finding the positives here)

my heart still hurts a little when i think about this time we've said goodbye to, but the best is yet to come, right?

this transition has been harder on my second. he misses his playmate fiercely and is so sad when we wave goodbye to the older boys as they go off into the world every morning. he asks for him. he looks at pictures of him. he gets so excited at pick up. but he does get free reign in his older brother's bedroom so that's fun. 

but we just got a long weekend. NO SCHOOL on monday! thanks presidents.

so all boys all day!

their relationship is growing and strengthening and i can see the potential it has and it makes me so so happy. there are ups and downs like any sibling relationship, but i know they will always come out on top.

imagination at work

we are a pester family

all fun and games until...

guess i've got enough lap for two

new game: throw the soggy diaper at your brother

teaching him all sorts of bad things like throwing seed pods at mom and saying "no ma'am"

 giving baby brother his first roly poly experience (baby brother tried to eat it)

giving baby brother his first roly poly experience (baby brother tried to eat it)

to some, the car wash is magical. to others...

hitching a ride

everybody needs netflix bonding time