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Why today is better for family pictures than the fall

For portrait photographers, the fall season is busy season, comparable to tax season for accountants (like my husband). Families want updated photos to send out with their Christmas cards. And the fall color outside is very desirable. 

But for documentary photographers like me, who photograph daily life, it doesn't make sense to photograph most of my families in the fall.

I photograph life and I know from personal experience that life goes on during those other 3 seasons of the year. Shocking, right?


There are snowball fights and by-the-fire snuggles in the winter.

There are Easter egg hunts and park play dates in the spring.

There are Popsicles and long late nights in the summer.

And these are just a few highlights of the season. Now think about the beautiful things that happen in your life every day, 365 days a year. Is there something you and your family do as part of your routine that you've always wanted captured?

And not just captured, but captured with YOU in it?!


Bedtime snuggles, reading that book for the hundredth time and getting yet another snack for the day. These may not seem like photo worthy moments, but think about it from the child's perspective.

Imagine you are the children in these photos. Go ahead. Scroll up and look at each one.

Imagine having a photo like this of your mom helping fulfill your needs and loving on you in your childhood home.

Every day there are ups and downs; there are beautiful moments that you want to remember and exhausting moments you wish would stop. The kids keep growing between the fall seasons. They still have milestones and your family dynamic changes constantly. 

That's why today is the best day for family photos.

Let me into your home to make a visual journal of your day, today.

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