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When you know your family is complete | an in-home newborn photography session


The first few weeks of this tiny newborn stage goes by in a blink (or a fog if you get as many sleepless nights as I do). Your new little human has these changes that come so fast but so subtly that you don't even notice it until you look back at your newborn pictures. 

Of all the times in life when you need to stop time, it's now.


There is a simple way to photograph newborn babies. And it's the only way I do it (because who wants to over-complicate something that doesn't need over-complicating)!

I come into your home hand sanitizer and camera in tow to get a big picture of what your life is like adding this human into the mix.

Maybe you're constantly telling big brother or sister to be gentle and to not poke the baby's eyeballs out. Maybe you're constantly feeding and then pumping to get your milk supply up. Maybe you've got loads of help from family and friends. Maybe you don't. Maybe this is your first born and your world has turned upside down. Or maybe you've just added your precious little caboose. 

Every family is different, but there is something that is the same in all the homes I visit. LOVE. You can feel it. It is tangible thing when a little baby is within those walls. Let me help you savor it.


Enjoy these highlights from a recent in-home newborn session in Flower Mound, TX.

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